Sexism in Smurfland
Smurfette has nagged us for an interview, so here it is.
Now hopefully Smurfette will get back to her knitting, gardening, cleaning, ironing...

In a Smurf dominated world there is nothing wrong with a smurf having a harem! This is an ideal situation
for a smurf having a number of smurfettes to cook, clean, fetch him a drink whilst he rests up,
get dollied up so to make him proud and look after the children. In fact the only thing wrong with this
picture is that a smurfette is doing the lawns, thats not naturally a smurfettes job (it was never sold that way),
but better that, than letting her spend _his_ money shopping (as it was originally sold).
Then again I may be wrong. I'm only brought up on smurf ideals. Lawns may well be a smurfettes job too!
Girls can do anything right?

Possibly quoted from a Male?

A Quote from the book "The Smurfette" includes this little beauty...
Papa Smurf says to Smurfette "A Smurfette's place is in the home! a construction site is too much..."
In these books she is portrayed as being bossy, accident prone and a pain to all the Smurfs before becoming blonde, then after becoming blonde she is a major distraction.