Smurfy Scenes Page


These are some smurfs I have caught on film whilst they were busy at play. Look at them, aren't they just like their dad.

The Seance You can see the Ghostly figure of granny smurfette above the crystal ball

Never take a Smurf food shopping .. they never stick to the list

At a Political rally. Lenin had a statue just like that, in fact he had hammers and sickels too!

Papa Smurf is away .. so theres a Party at Smurfy Browns

Break out Smurf with crowbar, another with explosives and yet another working the locks combination.
Such a vast range of skills the smurfs have. Just a pity about the planning and co-ordination!
Just don't mention that I found the key!

Xtreme Fear Factor.. these stunts aren't done by professionals. Kids don't try this at home!
Amazing the lengths they go to for fame. Here we see a Smurf pouring petrol on himself and is about to get set alight!

Weapons of mass destruction
At great personal risk to the photographer, we are now able to bring you these pictures
taken at a top secret location. We see in the foreground that the place is under a guard
of four smurfs. Smurfette in an obviously military uniform, albeit pink! is leading three
smurfs in a Soviet style goose step march around a road barrier. As proof that this goes
right to the top, we also see Papa smurf looking on in approval. He can't deny this
photographic proof now. In the background we see a number of smurfs working on various
munitions. You can tell they have done this before.

In Rehab
Addicted to funny mushrooms or some such substances. These poor souls are trying to kick the habit.
I never realised why normal, gold or brainy had their arms in that position, now I see why.