Doctor Smurf thinks you may be mad!
He has requested you try his new Ink Blot Tests just so that he knows for sure.

So tell Doctor Smurf what you see in this picture....

"Smurfs" I hear you say... hmm I see

And this picture?

"A smurf that has fallen with a splat on the pavement".. Thats just disturbing!
And finally this picture?

This image was still under construction but we can see the artists at work blotting the ink and making us all look crazy

It is Doctor Smurf's prognosis that you are all certifiably insane and fruit loops. You all have smurfs on your minds.
Never mind.. no better place to be then online looking up smurfy websites then..

To the right we see doctor smurf's collection of smurf body parts..
they are kept in a jar in the fridge.

So now who's the mad one!!