Other Smurfy Items

Multistory Smurfing complex .. this is the
metropolis where they are all housed

Smurf Comic books

Marvel comics
Smurfy adventures
Papercuts comics
Papercuts reprints of smurfy adventures and new collections

DVDs, Cards and Badges

Below: My Smurf DVD CollectionAbove: And all there books in English
Above: Smurf Playing Cards and Flippos
Above: Collection of Smurf Badges Above: Smurf Key rings

Items available from BP New Zealand in the early 1980s

When NZ played in the 1982 FIFA
soccer world cup in Spain
NZ All whites Smurf key ring
Special NZ release World cup 1982
BP Smurf safetly flag (1981) Other Smurfy items of that time

Jay Jays (NZ and AU)
T-shirts, bag and promotional material

Beach towel purchased on the Costa del Sol Spain 2012
and two toilet bags