Smurfs in the news

New Zealand has long been the land the smurfs forgot. Their hasn't been a smurf importer/distributor there since 1996.
Thus the prices and selection of smurfs on second hand market are very different than in the rest of the world.
The smurfs that are common in New Zealand were the ones sold in the late 70s early 80s and the later production
models tend to be harder to find and generally more expensive. These tend to be purchased by collectors from overseas
retailers and reflect the high cost of postage.

A cult status following started to occur in 2002 when the second hand market started to flourish with the advent of nation wide
second hand internet traders. Then in late 2004 the smurfs tv shows started being distributed on DVD, marking a resurgence
in popularity of our wee blue friends. Not long after that, in July 2005 Kmart (a large department store chain) started selling
the latest production smurfs.

After a long time in the wilderness, smurfs in New Zealand are starting to hit the news again. My smurf website was created in
April 2005 to show my collection and share my new founded hobby of customising smurfs with other like minded people around
the world. In July 2005 in an attempt to share a laugh with people and help revive interest in the smurfs, I emailed TV3,
a national television station informing them of my website. On August the 2nd I was given the honour of an interview from nightline's
arts and entertainment reporter, Nickie Omer. The interview which aired on the 4th, focused on smurfs in general, what ever
happened to them, and my website.

This page is dedicated to the team at TV3.

Reporters in the fieldThe TV3 Weather Report
(cameras move in for a close up shot)

Top: Our heroic arts and entertainment reporter Nickie Omer
is seen here interviewing Daryl the editor of this website.

Above: Risking all to bring you the news as it happens, where it
happens. Seen here Bob McNeil is interviewing the only
smurf with a strong opinion on anything and everything.

The smurfs are always captivated when the weather report screens
and seem to easily accept anything Toni Marsh promises them.
"Nasty, wicked weather in the north and fine, sunny conditions
for all our wee smurfs living in the south."
Right: Carly Kirkwood is anchoring Nightline's feature story of
the year. She is about to lead in to Nickie's aforementioned interview
with Daryl about the latest smurf happenings in New Zealand.

You can see the anticipation and pressure. .....Quiet on the set,
Camera 2 you're on, Lights, Roll the music, Action!
"Daryl likes Smurfs" giggle giggle ....

The TV3 News Desk
Crewed by a "committed" bunch of professionals (and they have the medical certificates to prove it). Yes that is Naughty smurf pulling
faces at the anchors from behind the camera. Aren't the auto-queue, camera crews and sound crew doing a good job!
"... and this news just to hand. Papa Smurf says we should all spend less time watching the news and more time making it!?!"

The TV3 Studio (wide angle shot)
The producers look on this hive of activity, as our heroes report on the daily events around the smurfs village.
"Farmer smurf grew a potato yesterday. Lazy smurf had a nap. Jokey got brainy with a exploding present again and
the paparazzi report that Smurfette is wearing a new dress."
Okay its a slow news day again, but maybe tomorrow ...

The Smurfs at TV3 have often experienced technical difficulties when using a blue screen. Their presenters seem to disappear,
although their hats and eyes remain. As a result they either wear unnaturally coloured makeup or use a green screen.
Toni Marsh has opted for the latter when presenting her weather report.
Here is the interview, shown with the permission of Canwest TV3.

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